Friday, August 19, 2016

Too Busy To Buy a Home Right Now? You Are Trippin!

Let me start off by saying Congrats to the Buyer & Seller pictured here.

In this transaction, I represented the seller; however, I was very moved by the buyer so I have to give her a special shout out!
At the closing, I learned that this young lady endured the process of buying a home while taking care of family, going to nursing school full-time, and working full-time. Say What??? YES! 

As if the process of buying a home isn't stressful enough (so many variables, so much going on, & so many different emotions), this young lady handled it all and is now a proud homeowner of a great house! KUDOS!

*Side note - If anyone tells you buying a home is a not stressful, they either have Jesus-like composure or they are lying (hahahaha!!!)! I work with people in the thick of the process daily and I recently did it myself. Despite all of the stress, it is SO WORTH IT!!! The benefits of Home Ownership are priceless. Just trust me or Google it ;-).

If you think you are too busy to buy a home right now and you'll just wait until later on, you are TRIPPIN! Interest rates are still at a record low and while prices are climbing, homes are still affordable. Don't miss out on this opportunity! 

If you are looking to BUY or SELL a home, I would love to guide you along your journey! Let's chat and see if we're a good fit for each other. 

Not local? No problem! I can refer you to an amazing agent in another state. 

Need to work on your CREDIT or put a plan in place for you to purchase in the near future, I can assist with that too!

Talk to you soon! 

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