Friday, August 19, 2016 in Lawrenceville, GA - Home Maintenance, Crawl Spaces, & Mold!

First, let me give a huge CONGRATS to my seller and new friend. I am so happy she can now move on to the next chapter in her life!

Have you even gone to someone's home and wondered how they kept it so clean??? This was the case with this house. Not only that... the seller did an excellent job with maintenance and regular upkeep!

Most people only think of the financial responsibility of paying the mortgage and bills; however, there are other important responsibilities associated with Home Ownership like continual upkeep & maintenance.

You can find a slue of tips, tricks, plans, & schedules online. Check out my Pinterest boards for starters.

Whatever you do, DO NOT not keep putting repairs & maintenance off. If you do, they will pile up until you are too discouraged to do anything and the damage from long-term delay will cost you big time!

To help with this, pre-schedule tasks like changing air filters, pressure washing, and cleaning gutters.

BONUS TIP - If your home is on a crawl space, get it inspected every so often.

I recently worked with a buyer looking at older homes and what we saw when inspecting the crawl spaces was quite interesting... a cat carcass (it had been there so long, it looked like a fossil with hair - straight outta Science class LOL!), snake skin, rat poop, and mold!

Mark Stowers from X-Mold (who I've worked with on several occasions and highly recommend) says crawl spaces can be a breeding ground for all sorts of vermin, mold, and other issues. A crawl space should have proper ventilation and moisture barriers. If you haven't had an inspection done on your crawl space, do so IMMEDIATELY! Why? Because you are breathing in everything that is brewing under there. Ewww!

Here is Mark's contact info. Tell him I sent you :-)

Mark Stowers 770-344-7691,,

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