Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Avoid Wasting Time

Time is valuable and no one wants to waste their time (it's one thing you can't get back!).

Most people can’t put their lives on-hold while they’re trying to buy or sell a home. Whether they have a family, a couple or single, life continues and the time constraints of moving can become burdensome.

Your agent is committed to helping you save time while making the experience memorable. They know the process and the potential problem areas and can help you move through them.

To preserve your time and your agent’s, please consider the following:

  • If your plans to buy or sell change, let your agent know.
  • Be on time for appointments or if it is necessary, cancel them with as much notice as possible.
  • Get pre-approved through a trusted mortgage professional.
  • Cooperate with your loan professional by providing all requested documentation.
  • If you go into builder model homes or REALTOR® open houses without your agent, advise them you have an agent (you will still be able to tour the model home or open house). Give them your agent's contact info or business card. *Keep in mind, when buying a home, your agent's services are FREE (99% of the time). Their commission is paid by the seller. *FYI - Not having an agent represent you DOES NOT save you any money!
  • Only talk to the other party through your agent until after closing.
Your agent is working to help you meet your goals. Things work best when it’s like a partnership where each party mutually respects the other and their resources including their time.

If you have a real estate need (whether you're ready to go now or what to plan for a future move), call me. 
I promise not to waste your time!

Why is Homeownership Important?
Here's Why!

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