Monday, July 6, 2015

Buying New Construction ~ Do I need an agent? - in Winder, GA

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I had to do an extra happy dance for this one!

Why? Let me bring you up to speed on this one...

So, I met this fantastic family several months back when I helped them sell their home. 

*Back-story- They bought in a rush when they were expecting their 1st child, didn't care for their agent (they did all the work), quickly realized they bought more home than they needed (weekends were spent doing yard work), and the layout of the home didn't work for them (they only really utilized the main floor).

When they contacted me, they didn't realize I'd sell their home as quickly as I did. Nevertheless, they were really good sports about it! They were just happy I got it SOLD and to have made a nice little profit in just a years' time! 

Fast forward a few months and they are ready to buy. They know what they what... New construction. We set out and find the perfect house. Easy enough right? Wrong! We ended having the most peculiar encounter with the on-site agent who was extremely negative from the very first encounter. I'd like to say, things went uphill from there, but it didn't. I can, however, say that WE CLOSED! In the end, it all worked out and they love their new house! THANK THE LORD! I could spend time going into details about the negatives, but what good would it do? It all worked out and that is what matters!

My take-away / TIP from this...

Whether buying resale or new construction, ALWAYS have a real estate agent representing YOUR interests. Remember, the on-site agent is representing the builder. PLUS- When buying, you don't pay your agent, the builder/seller normally does. It doesn't cost you anything! It can actually cost you not to!

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