Monday, July 6, 2015

Buying a Home ~ Make a MUST / PLUS List - in Decatur, GA

Congratulations to my client and new homeowner!

I met this young lady a couple of years ago in line at Ross chatting about hair and I couldn't be happier to see her achieve her goal of homeownership. See the video below to hear why homeownership is so important to her... 

*BTW- This young lady is super creative! She's the one who designed my logo!


One nugget I suggested when the home search got rocky (that ultimately helped her get crystal clear) was to create a MUST/PLUS List

Why would a home search get rocky you ask? Well... Buying a house is one of the biggest purchases most people make, so it can be emotionally trying. Not to mention, when buying, people often get input from family, friends, and just about everyone under the sun. Then add to it the overload of information and homes they are viewing online and the beautifully staged homes they are seeing in-person. It is very easy to lose site of the BIG PICTURE and chose a house that is appealing, rather than a house that is truly a good fit!

THE SOLUTION - Whether regrouping or starting off right from the beginning, I suggest you make a list and get very clear about what it is you want. What does you ideal & realistic house look like right now? Make a MUST & PLUS list. 

For example:
MUST (no negotiation)
1- Safe Neighborhood
2- Enough space
3-Within budget
4- Move in ready or Not more than $3k in upfront costs
5- 25 miles or less to work

PLUS (good, but not a deal-breaker)
1- Big backyard
2- Basement

Once you have your list, STICK TO IT (within reason of course). When you see a house and you think you like it or someone gives you their opinion, compare that house to your list. 

This should help keep you focused. 

So what nuggets have helped you during your home search? 

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