Thursday, July 10, 2014

Career in Real Estate - Part 2 of 4

Real Estate Agent - Getting Licensed...

1. What information is given in licensing class?
Most think this is an easy class about how to sell real estate.  It's far from that.  This class does not teach you how to sell real estate; no prelicense course does.  Any school licensed by the state is required to teach you the laws and regulations applicable to agents, real estate fundamentals, math concepts, and all the terms and definitions related to real estate, all 600 or so of them.

2. Is the class hard?
Yes . . .but not if you study. Anyone can pass the prelicense course if they are willing to dedicate the time to learn the course information.

3. Where is the state test given?
There are 4 testing locations in Georgia:  Lilburn, Marietta, Macon, and Savannah.

4. What steps do I need to take to get my Georgia real estate license?
The best recommendation we can give you is to take the class, study, and forget about what happens afterwards.  Worry about passing the course right now.  Once you complete the course and pass the school exam, then:

    1. take the state test and PASS
    2. get a sponsoring broker form from the real estate brokerage of your choice
    3. take the sponsoring broker form back to the state testing center to obtain your license
    4. deliver your license to your broker . . .now you are an active real estate agent!
    5. what you do next is up to you . . .hopefully you chose a brokerage that has an interest in getting you started quick!
5. What if I fail the state test?
The State of Georgia allows you to take the state test as many times as you would like for $91 each time without having to retake the course.  Hopefully, you will only have to take the state test once after completing our course and passing the first time.

6. Should I do the online class?
The ability to study at home or anywhere you have access to a computer is attractive; however, many online students are not disciplined enough to finish the course and find out that it ends up taking much longer to complete the course than if they had just taken the live class.  The classroom environment also allows practice tips from the experienced instructors our school has to offer.  Our instructors are not just “instructors”, they all each hold an active real estate license and have excelled in real estate production at some point in their careers.  Most students prefer the classroom environment and having to set aside time for class knowing that they "have" to attend.  The philosophy of most is the same as the philosophy for those working out better in the gym with a personal trainer.  There is nothing you can do with a personal trainer that you cannot do by yourself (other than a spot), but having to be there is the biggest battle.

7. After I get my license what do I do?
Hopefully you choose a brokerage willing to help you out with this.  Your first few months are the hardest and most frustrating time.  Being with the right brokerage office can make all the difference to the new, and experienced agent.

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Natasha Liburd Bazile is a Realtor with Keller Williams Atlanta Partners and the Lead Home Stager with Heart of Decor in Georgia (virtual services available). She prides herself in being a guide to her clients and finds fulfillment in helping them achieve their goals.

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