Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Rental Real Estate is Preferred Choice

Real estate is the overwhelming preferred choice by Americans as identified in a recent survey. With the Dow Jones industrial average reaching record highs, it might be expected that the stock market would be the favored choice but that wasn’t the outcome.

Analysis of the report suggests that the popularity for houses could be that they are tangible assets that you can see where your money is actually invested compared to stocks and bonds which tend to be unclear where the money is invested.Best way to invest.jpg

There are several distinct advantages of homes as investments over other popular alternatives.

  1. High loan-to-value mortgages available
  2. At fixed interest rates
  3. For long periods of time
  4. On appreciating assets
  5. With definite tax advantages
  6. And reasonable control.

Another advantage of rental homes is that most people are comfortable with them. It is the same type of property that they live in but used as a rental. They have a tendency to understand the key components such as value, appreciation, rent, maintenance and financing. 


  1. This is truly an interesting post. I also believe that real estate investment is safest approach to make lots of profits. I just sold my LA property and bought 2 apartments in Dove mountain Luxury Real Estate with that money. These apartments will help me make huge amount later on.

  2. Congrats! Buying 2 apartments is a huge accomplishment and addition to your portfolio! Real Estate is a great investment vehicle. Just last week I closed a CD I had. After 3 years, I made a whopping $2.42 on $1,500. Absolutely ridiculous!