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SOLDbyNat.com in Loganville, GA - What a Buyer Should Expect When Having a Home Built

CONGRATULATIONS to my beautiful client on purchasing her 1st home!

After some months of preparation and research, this savvy buyer decided on a new construction home.  

When buying a new construction home, buyers have 2 options:

1) Start from scratch like this buyer did (ex: pick lot, make all selections). Construction time on the home varies by builder and location. Acquiring permits and bad weather can also delay the process, not to mention the loan/underwriting process. At the present in Georgia, most builders are giving a time frame of 90-120 days.


2) Buy a home the builder has already started constructing. Depending on how far along the home is, they buyer may be able to still make some selections (ex: carpet, appliances). In addition, since the home is already underway, a buyer can close more quickly.


Here are some pictures of this buyer's journey...

1) Contract & Selections - The same day she wrote the contract, she made her selections. Cabinets, carpet, tile, brick, grout, you name it... she picked it!

This builder had the selections on site, but some builders will have buyers make an appointment to visit their Design Center.

And yes, those are our toes. Let's just say we picked the wrong day to wear heels!
* Lesson - Buyers, when house hunting, wear flats. :-)

2) Crickets... - Not in the house of course :o), but things will be pretty quite for a some time. While the buyer worked with the lender, the builder acquired permits and started construction. Then viola!...

3) The Pre-Drywall Walk-through 

 If a buyer will be doing a Home Inspection this is the ideal time. Before the walls go up! 

This is also the time where a buyer should verify their electrical selections. Case in point... at this walk-through we caught that an additional fan was put in the loft, instead of a bedroom. That would have been a pain to fix after the sheet rock and paint went up.

4) The Builder Walk-through is done a few weeks before closing and is very detailed. This is the one where the buyer has a chance to ask all of their questions about the mechanics of the house and note any touch-up that need to be done before closing. 

 5) Closing Day! Prior to closing we did a Final Walk-through to make sure the touch-ups from the last walk-through were completed, and then went to closing. 

The building process takes time, but you can get exactly what you want! 
*Keep in mind - Aside from dealing with the builder, you still have the loan process going on with the lender. Buying a home whether new or a resale can be stressful, but the right agent will guide you along the way. 

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