Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Avoid a Bumpy Ride to the Closing Table!

Meet my happy clients, Kyle & Brittany. They were extremely happy after closing on the purchase of their home in Auburn, GA, and rightfully so.

Their ride to the closing table was very bumpy! It was stress-filled to say the least. Unfortunately, they had a few mishaps with their lender that complicated the process.

Keep in mind that once an offer is accepted, the clock starts ticking. There are contingencies in place and deadlines have to be met. It is imperative that the buyer's loan officer, buyers, and the buyer's real estate agent work together to get to the closing table. It isn't uncommon for issues to arise, but this was a bit excessive.

Some things we encountered were:
  • 1st loan officer not trained.
  • Reassigned to 2nd loan officer after several days.
  • Communication with 2nd loan officer was sketchy to non-existent. 
  • The 2nd loan officer would say one thing and then Underwriting would came back asking for something new.
  • Earnest money, loan approval, and closing were in jeopardy several times.

And this was just the icing on the cake... There were other issues and variables, but you get the picture. Thankfully, I can report that in the end, the lender got it together. Kyle & Brittany were patient and persistent, and they are now loving their new home. It was all worth it!

Avoid this situation!

FYI- Their lender was a major bank. While not one of my preferred lenders, I have worked with this lender before and had no issues. I believe the issue came down to the loan officer. 

I believe a lot of this was unfortunate circumstance (the 2nd loan officer ended up going out on bereavement which may explain why she wasn't focused), I would definitely recommend that if things start off sketchy, RUN! The quicker you can get another lender working on your file the better chance you have of keeping the deal on track.

If you need to find a good mortgage lender / loan office, contact me at (404) 857-2508.

What my clients had to say about my services...

Natasha is amazing! We really could not have asked for a better Realtor. She was always available to talk and answer any questions we had. She was also always willing to provide insight into the home buying process. This was our first house, and she really made everything make sense. When the bank was unwilling to provide answers, she was right there with me calling them, and making sure that they were doing what they were supposed to in order to get us into our house. So thank you so much Natasha for being the agent of our dreams :) We look forward to working with you in the future, and you definitely have our 5 star rating and referral. Thank you so much!! -Kyle & Brittany

Reading this so warmed my heart! Wanting to do a good job for my clients is one thing, but getting confirmation that I did is so rewarding. It lets me know my work has purpose! #blessed :-)

If I can help you BUY a home, SELL a home, or INVEST in real estate, don't hesitate to contact me!

Natasha Liburd Bazile is a Realtor with Keller Williams Atlanta Partners and the Lead Home Stager with Heart of Decor in Georgia (virtual services available). She prides herself in being a guide to her clients and finds fulfillment in helping them achieve their goals.

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