Friday, June 14, 2013

My American Dream became a Nightmare! - Part 4 (the conclusion)

In Part 1, I shared my 1st real estate nightmare and my reason for sharing my personal experiences with you (don't judge).

In Part 2, I shared tips on how to avoid the situation I wound up in and what to do if you're there and don't know what to do.

In Part 3, I shared my 2nd (and last) real estate nightmare.

And now for the conclusion...

Why the Real Estate Market Tanked?

I know I was not alone and a lot of people were not as fortunate as me. Situations like these are exactly why the real estate market tanked in 2007/2008. Who is exactly to blame? That can be debated for years, but I can humbly say that God had another plan for me and I am still in my home today. Though after some sleepless nights, headaches, and due diligence on my part, I am in a good place today. Again, I attribute this to God's grace and I am very thankful!

Do I still believe in the American Dream?

YES! I am still in full support of the American Dream, BUT it has to be under the right terms. When done wrong it will become a nightmare and I fight to help my clients avoid this type of situation at all costs.

How I use my failures to help others...

These experiences made big impacts on my life. Would I want to relive them? No! But, I know they played a part in shaping the person I am today and they are the driving force behind my desire to help people with their real estate needs. Do you have a real estate need or know someone that does? If so, would you rather have some one representing you that has learned from experience or someone that read about it in a textbook?

Are you looking to purchase a home and want an experienced agent?
 I am your person! And if you're in a hardship position, give me a call at (404) 857 - 2508 to see how I can help.

Natasha Liburd Bazile is a Realtor with Coldwell Banker Atlanta and the Lead Home Stager with Heart of Decor in Georgia (virtual services available). She prides herself in being a guide to her clients and finds fulfillment in helping them achieve their goals.

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